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About the Book

The Essential Reference Handbook on Personal Leadership!

The foundation of collaboration is personal leadership. Each of us will bring different emotions, talents and skills to the challenges we face, but the process for working through them is usually universal enough to create a checklist to ensure success. In this book you will find the checklists of processes and the attitudes you want to promote in order to reach the outcomes you want to see, whether you are a simply a teammate or the responsible person in charge. Because working together is what "the social animal" does and doing it well takes insight, thought, and practice, having a ready reference checklist for common human challenges makes good sense.

A checklist does no good if you do not have it with you when you need it. Each checklist includes a QR code that you can scan with a QR code reader app on your mobile device, taking you to a PDF of that checklist that you can download or refer to any time you choose.

Develop the habit of identifying which challenge you are about to face and review the checklist just prior to engaging in the solution. These simple reminders will ensure you cover everything you need to help everyone succeed!

Challenges & Checklists Included in This Edition:

  1. Working as a Social Animal in a Team
  2. Building a Fantastic Day
  3. Staying Focused
  4. Promoting Group Success
  5. Identifying Desired Outcomes
  6. Setting Goals
  7. Planning Projects
  8. Rethinking Problems
  9. Making Change Happen
  10. Working with People
  11. Listening Effectively
  12. Directing Supportively
  13. Delegating Deliberately
  14. Praising and Correcting
  15. Recruiting People
  16. Cultivating Member Support
  17. Making Group-Friendly Decisions
  18. Building an Organization
  19. Including Everyone's Ideas
  20. Running an Effective Meeting
  21. Encouraging Collaboration
  22. Adding Value to Any Activity
  23. Creating a FUNdraiser
  24. Capturing Donations
  25. Common Event Details
  26. Working at an Event
  27. Evaluating Experiences
  28. Saying Thank You

"The Original" Mike Smith's Be What You Want to See! (An Interactive Guide to the "Challenges and Checklists" for Working Collaboratively)
Written by Mike Smith. Paperback, 132 pages. Published by DifferenceMakers, Ltd.
© 2015 The "Original" Mike Smith and DifferenceMakers, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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