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About Mike

Mike has 30 years of experience addressing sales and marketing, management teams, educators, and student audiences all over north america with his message of personal responsibility, self- actualization, and collaboration. In his speaking career, Mike has addressed over for 4 million people, sharing his humor, sincerity and passion for a positive life.

Mike is in demand as a keynote speaker, lending his talents to the themes and messages of his hosts. He has a wonderful ability to launch a conference by helping move audiences from "passive attendees" to "willing participants." As the wrap-up or endnote speaker, Mike has helped many a convention theme convert from the words and warm feelings of the conference to the action and desired results of the real world.

Mike's experience as a successful salesman lends a different flair to his small group presentations. His seminars on positive languaging, involvement strategies and personal organization are among the best reviewed at any convention or conference, as evidenced by the fact that he often faces audiences of repeat attendees. People return to participate with Mike as he explores the finer points of whatever topic he is addressing.

Drawing on his experience as a student leader in college, Mike focuses on the youth market and devotes much of his energy to helping educators improve our secondary schools. He has been instrumental in helping districts open new schools, pass bond isues and improve morale. He has written numerous articles and workbooks on subjects ranging from personal growth, leadership and inclusion, to working with volunteers. His media programs on student involvement and participation are used in thousands of schools.

Mike was born in Bellefontaine, Ohio and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A Vietnam veteran helicopter pilot and infantry platoon leader, a business leader, author, philosopher, poet, world traveler, adventurer and dad, Mike's vividly colorful life experiences have given him a unique perspective and fire for life that he brings to every endeavor and each presentation he makes.

Today Mike is the president of DifferenceMakers, Ltd., his speaking, seminar and product marketing company. He helped found the National Association of Student Activity Advisors—an organization devoted to training teachers to sponsor student organizations, and was a leading force behind the Alliance for Student Activities—organized to promote the value of Student Activities as one of the mmost important components in the reorganization of education.

Mike lives in Santa Monica, California and maintains a home in Albuquerque, New Mexico so he can be close to his son and three grandchildren. Mike has a daughter and two grandchildren in Phoenix, Arizona and a niece in Lubbock, Texas.