Contributed by Melba Murphy

Purpose: To promote school spirit and raise funds.

Description: The Student Council sells Christmas cards which are
delivered to students the last day before the holidays.

Chairperson: ==========================================================

_____ 1. Get principal's permission.
_____ 2. Appoint a committee.
_____ 3. Brainstorm for additional ideas.
_____ 4. Set dates and secure a place for sales.
_____ 5. Buy commercially produced Christmas cards or design and print computer-generated cards.
_____ 6. Buy candy canes to attach to cards and cellophane tape.
_____ 7. Set up work schedule of members to sell cards.
_____ 8. Publicize time, date, price, and location of sales.
_____ 9. Secure table, chairs, money box, and change for sales.
_____ 10. Make a mailbox for sales table and background scenery.
_____ 11. Remind workers of assigned times to work.
_____ 12. Get one brown paper grocery bag per homeroom, design it as a mailbox or mailbag and label it with homeroom's name.
_____ 13. Set time to sort cards by homeroom.
_____ 14. Select members to dress as elves for delivering cards.
_____ 15. Write appropriate thank-yous (including lunchroom).
_____ 16. Take pictures for school/community newspaper.
_____ 17. Assign participation points and/or demerits.
_____ 18. Complete evaluation of project.