Contributed by Melba Murphy

Purpose: To recognize faculty teachers by a dubious award.

Description: The student body votes for their favorite "turkey" teacher The teacher wins a turkey and a T-shirt which says "What a Turkey".





_____ 1. Get principal's permission.
_____ 2. Appoint a committee.
_____ 3. Brainstorm for additional ideas.
_____ 4. Set dates for voting and announcing winners.
_____ 5. Get a frozen turkey for a prize (donated if possible).
_____ 6. Have teachers consent to their name being placed on the ballot.
_____ 7. Make a list of former winners who are ineligible to run.
_____ 8. Publicize time and date of voting.
_____ 9. Prepare ballots.
_____ 10. Make a crown for the winner.
_____ 11. Get a "What a Turkey" shirt.
_____ 12. Let each homeroom rep count his/her homeroom ballots.
_____ 13. Have someone to be in charge of getting the "winning" teacher to the stage for the awarding.
_____ 14. Write appropriate thank-yous.
_____ 15. Take pictures for school/community newspaper.
_____ 16. Assign participation points and/or demerits.
_____ 17. Complete evaluation of project.