A Few Things We Can Believe In as Teachers

Contributed by Dr. Earl Reum

Each human being (especially each young one) needs:

To belong -- To be meaningfully involved in a greater cause than self. (Something that really counts personally.)

To be recognized -- To feel needed, respected and appreciated by at least one other human being considered to be significant.

To feel compassion, freedom, discovery, fulfillment.

To cope positively with threats against personal identity.

To feel confident of skills and personal contributions -- which empowers us to be willing to take risks.

To know success (as personally/individually defined.)

To live comfortably in the face of devastating anxiety.

To have a significant other who believes in, nourishes, supports and listens to "the real person".

To recognize and appreciate our own uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.

To own personal feelings, actions, beliefs, behaviors, discoveries in our lives.

To be learning/growing/moving/becoming/living -- all the time.

To feel lovable and capable and believable.

To accept responsibility for personal behavior as well as the consequences of it.

To feel creative and free to exercise that creativity.

To continually possess an experience/ event/ happening -- held in significant anticipation.

To continually anticipate future experiences/ events/ happenings with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

To live in uplifting surroundings with positive ideas/events/relationships and acceptance.

To own a positive place in each group/ setting/ class/ time/ happening.

To feel control over personal destiny.

To be able to use my life to make a difference in the world -- to touch the future in a quality way.

To embrace hard work and responsibility as part of a daily code of ethics.

To own a self concept which is real, relevant, appropriate and respected.

To be aware of the process of becoming.

To be aware of the power of choice -- which provides a number of opportunities to become a better person.

To have the freedom to choose to become a personal best self.

To develop the capacity for sharing strong feelings of affection.

To be open to change and personal growth -- to become an agent of constructive change in the world.

To possess ideologies which are valued and shared.

To search for truth, meaning, relevance and commitment -- with the genuine opportunity for finding it.

To have a chance to learn about what is true in the universe.

To have the courage, the will, the motivation and the reasons to continue to try on a daily -- minute -by-minute time-line of opportunity.