Staff Survival Kits

Contributed by J. Peter Cahn

For staff appreciation day, for new teachers, or substitutes the survival kit can be filled with a variety of little gifts or classroom necessities.

Start with a 6” x 6” x 6” plain white gift box.  Incorporating the school logo, design the top and front of the box.  Can be hand drawn or silk screened.  Line with tissue paper.  Attach a hand written card indicating the use of the items inside the box.  Fill the box with the items (see below).  Be sure to hand deliver personally to each recipient.

For the new teacher:  the box might contain, among other things, a package of Life Savers, a red pen, school plan and map, a history of the school, a logo button to wear, and an engraved name tag for back to school nights.

For staff appreciation: Among other things...    Big Hunk Candy bars - We’d be missing a big hunk without you Hersey’s Kiss & Hugs - Hugs and Kisses from the students Band aids - prevent infections from some of us cut ups Alka Seltzer - for those rare moments when the Zoo goes wild     Pencils - to rewrite the history of the school box of raisins - Thanks for your help in Raisin school spirit ruler - with us excellence is the rule.  Post-it note pad - Thanks for helping us stick to our goals.      Baseball cards - with us you’re in the major leagues.