Contributed by Melba Murphy

Purpose: To honor faculty members.

Description: Each senior is given a "Star Teacher" certificate to award
to the teacher with the most impact on his/her education. This is presented on the day that the school's official Star Teacher (based on Star Student's selection) is announced.





_____ 1. Get principal's permission.
_____ 2. Appoint a committee.
_____ 3. Brainstorm for additional ideas.
_____ 4. Work with guidance department to set dates for announcing.
_____ 5. Photocopy "Star Teacher" certificates.
_____ 6. Write out instructions for homeroom representatives.
_____ 7. Go to homerooms, give each senior a certificate, and allow him/her to fill it out.
_____ 8. Collect certificates.
_____ 9. Divide certificates by teacher's names.
_____ 10. Count out "I'm an All-Star Teacher" stickers for each teacher recognized.
_____ 11. Play "Wind Beneath My Wings" the morning of delivery of certificates.
_____ 12. Write appropriate thank-yous.
_____ 13. Take pictures for school/community newspaper.
_____ 14. Assign participation points and/or demerits.
_____ 15. Complete evaluation of project.