Contributed by Melba Murphy

SECRET PALS is a program designed to boost morale within the school and within your council. Little gifts, remembrances, and anonymous thoughts of encouragement throughout the year creates a feeling of anticipation and joy.

In its simplest state, each Student Council member has a faculty/staff Secret Pal who is given tokens of remembrance on selected days throughout the school year. An extension of the program is for student council members to also have a Secret Pal within the council.

It is the Secretary's responsibility help with the selection of Secret Pals and the reminding of members of upcoming remembrance days and Secret Pal birthdays. It is the Parliamentarian's job to keep up with the demerits given for not remembering a Secret Pal.

Following is the basic explanation of Secret Pals which our school gives out to each Student Council member at the beginning of the school year as part of their membership handbook:

Purpose: To promote good faculty relations and morale.

Description: Each faculty member is assigned a Secret Pal and is
remembered with seasonally-appropriate gifts or cards.





_____ 1. Get principal's permission.
_____ 2. Appoint a committee.
_____ 3. Brainstorm for additional ideas.
_____ 4. Set dates for Secret Pal remembrances.
_____ 5. Get a list of faculty members (may include secretaries,
custodians, lunchroom personnel, and paraprofessionals).
_____ 6. Put individual names of faculty members on cards which
Student Council members may draw from at the beginning
of the year.
_____ 7. Put individual names of Student Council members on cards
which Student Council members may draw from at the
beginning of the year.
_____ 8. The secretary creates a master list of :
Student Council members
Student Council members' birthdays
Each member's Faculty Secret Pal
Faculty member's birthdays
_____ 9. Produce and distribute an explanation of the Secret Pal
program to be placed in each member's handbook.
_____ 10. Print reminders for each secret pal remembrance date.
_____ 11. Print reminders for each secret pal birthday.
_____ 12. Create a check-off list for each remembrance date.
_____ 13. Take pictures for school/community newspaper.
_____ 14. Assign participation points and/or demerits.
_____ 15. Complete evaluation of project.