Rules of Remembering for Real Recognition

Contributed by J. Peter Cahn

Recognition should spotlight little achievements - not always earth shaking accomplishments; highlight or showcase participation, involvement, and the little everyday happenings of the adults who help make the school a great place to be.

Recognition should be visible and tangible.  Written notes and not just a quick thanks; donuts and coffee, decorate the faculty room.  Something that can be displayed with pride - like a certificate, a desk set,  a note pad, a photograph, or a school coffee mug.

Recognition should be personalized.  All notes and invitations should be signed by one or more students on behalf of the group.  Hand write rather than just computerize.  Deliver the recognition in person rather than using the school mail boxes. 

Thank you and holiday notes should always let the recipient know that the note was written especially for them.  A quick remembrance of something they did or said.  Remember the truth in that old saying, "the sooner you send the thank you note the shorter it can be."