Mug A Teacher

Contributed by Beverly Chester

Student Govt. compiles a list of facts about how often people are mugged in our city. 

Our TV studio once a month on the morning announcements relates the facts, that 1 person every 10 minutes is mugged in Miami.  That some one you know may be mugged today.  The next morning, on the announcements they read that a certain teacher was mugged by student council yesterday and read a small bio on that teacher.  (Student Govt.  had nice mugs designed and imprinted with the school logo on the front and the inscription, "you have been mugged by Student Govt." on the back. 

Applications are available during the month for students to fill out to nominate a teacher they feel has gone above and beyond.  The executive board of SGA reads the slips and chooses a teacher for the month.  The teacher is presented with the mug during their 5th period class.