Staff Inservice on a
“Typical Planning Day in Leadership”

Contributed by Cynthia Bader


To provide staff members with information about “what really does go on in Leadership.”

The staff members at our school had not had a leadership class before and they were not sure what went on “in there.” (Besides a lot of poster making and a lot of getting kids out of class…or interruptions of the academic time.) The student who facilitated our inservice said it best. At the end of the session she told the staff, “we see leadership as very important to our school and our futures and we hope that now you will too.”

To Do List:

1) Seek approval from the principal and get on the staff meeting calendar

2) Choose one project you are particularly proud of and make a copy of the entire folder from your archives

3) Choose a great ice breaker that you have done, or will do in Leadership

4) Plan how you will get the staff into teams (We used our ice breaker to do it)

5) Choose an engaging team builder…but not too engaging (We had to take ours away from them because they refused to stop working on it and listen when it was time!)

6) Decide what you would like the staff to learn from your inservice and plan your paperwork accordingly

a) We decided to focus on project planning and we wanted them to learn to use the format we use so we gave them each the same blank forms and assigned them a mock project to “create”
b) Other ideas include: *a list of the projects you have done this year to date, or last year…depending on when your hold your inservice *listening skills *problem solving techniques *organizational skills *time management *calendar building *goal setting

1) Organize all paperwork into the number of groups you will have and assign a Leadership student (because s/he will know the paperwork) to sit with that group and participate…and pass out the paperwork

2) Consider bringing some of your resources to show ie: CADA Leadership Camp Binders, Hall of Ideas Books, Rainbows of Leadership, Rod’s Theme List, CADA Newsletters, etc. etc.

3) Choose your facilitator wisely (someone who knows the subject well and is comfortable speaking in front of groups)

4) Write your Agenda and provide copies to each of your participants- be sure to include time for questions

5) Go to the meeting EARLY and set up the room so that it is similar to your “usual” learning environment, this will make you comfortable during the inservice and it will give the staff a real taste of Leadership

6) Thank the staff for their time and invite them to your Leadership Class any time!!!

Our Agenda:

1) Welcome/Staff of the Month Presentation

2) Ice Breaker- 3x5 Cards distributed with characters or themes that went together…color coded. Instructions: Find your partners and then sit at a table with all of the “stuff” on it. Example of theme: Football Teams, Famous Writers, Famous Hollywood Couples, Historical Figures etc. We also used school themes: 97/98 Homecoming Court, 97/98 ASB Officers BE SURE TO EXPLAIN WHY YOU WOULD DO AN ICE BREAKER…

3) Team Builder- once into teams and sitting at their table- EXPLAIN WHY AGAIN

4) Introduction to Project Planning--- Show Bell Game Rally Packet and explain the process

5) Assign Mock Project and give 10 minutes to do it. Only one set of plans per team required

6) Share Mock Rally Projects with the group

7) Real World Application---Leadership will serve us tomorrow

8) Q & A time

9) Wrap-up and Thank YOU!!!

10) Clean-up after the meeting

Our Staff Packets included:

1) A copy of the general pre-plan AND a copy of the rally/class competition work sheet we use

2) A very THICK copy of the “Bell Game Rally” folder with all of it’s contents including pre-plan, worksheets, memos to coaches and players, out-of-class permit lists, facility request, rally seating plan, publicity plans and thank you notes received from the staff after the rally

3) A list of all the jobs currently being done in Leadership with the “Council Format” we use

4) An idea packet: Rod’s Theme List, Rally Games, Dress-Up Days etc. for them to choose from (We asked each “Team” or “Council” of teachers to come up with a Rally and plan it on our paperwork)

5) A copy of the “Team Builder” we used. This was just a fun puzzle that we gave them five minutes to work on as a team. The winning team won M&M’s!!

6) Goal Setting Packet- We mentioned briefly that we consider goal setting VERY important and we gave each teacher a packet on goal setting

Other things to think about:

1. Refreshments

2. Something positive to get the meeting started…before the ice breaker. We presented the Staff of the Month award. This is particularly important if you aren’t the FIRST item on the agenda and you follow something that isn’t real positive

3. Length of your inservice. Keep it as short as possible, especially if your staff meets after a full day of teaching