Clever Ideas Using Food

Contributed by J. Peter Cahn

Food, especially candy, works well for staff recognition. Be sure to use only commercially wrapped candy. Many are leery of student made items. Make up your own sayings for the candy and be sure to hand deliver the message, don’t just leave the gift in the staff mail boxes.

  • Life Saver - You’re a life saver at school

  • Pay Day - for new staff members, their first pay day

  • BetYaLife - Bet Your Life you’re important to us

  • apples - You’re the apple of our eye

  • donut holes - You keep the WHOLE place together

  • Bonkers - We’d have gone bonkers without you

  • Hersey’s Special - You’re extra special

  • Kudos - Kudos on your great accomplishment

  • Red Hots - We’re red hot because of you

  • A-OK Bar - You’re A-Ok in our book

  • Milky Way - You’re a star around here

  • banana - You’re a top banana around here