Boundary Breaking
Circle of Life  #18

Contributed by Jim Fitzgerald

Boundary breaking / Self awareness - Everyone has felt the influence of others in their lives, this boundary breaker creates the opportunity to share individual reflections.

Possible Focal Points

  • Boundary breaking

  • Reflection

  • Self awareness

  • Role models

  • Character

Materials and Situation
Paper and pens / Chalkboard or Flipchart
30 - 45 minutes

1. Draw a large circle on the flipchart and label it the Circle of Life.  Disclose the various "Spokespeople" who have influence your life - i.e., Mom, Dad, early childhood friends, teachers, first boyfriend/girlfriend, "best" friends, teachers, coaches, professors, spouse, children, doctors, etc.  Reveal as much as you are comfortable revealing.

2. Task the group to create their own individual Circles of Life including the Spokespeople that have influenced them.

3. Direct the group to form triads to share with one another.

4. Discuss with the group the possibilities of their being a Spokesperson on someone's Circle.  What are the responsibilities of being a Spokesperson ?

5. Collect and post the Circles for display in the training area.

Role modeling is often a difficult issue to discuss without preaching, this activity creates the opportunity for a full discussion of that very important issue.

Excerpted from "Confluence" a collection of leadership lesson plans from Jim Fitzgerald.  For more information or to order your own copy you can contact Jim via e-mail at