Installation Banquet

Contributed by Melba Murphy

An installation banquet at the end of the school year is an excellent rites-of-passage for your Student Council. For the outgoing officers and representatives it is a time to recognize excellence and the accomplishments of individual council members. Awards are given out, certificates of appreciation are presented to each member, secret pals are revealed, and a slide show reviews the fun and productivity of the year.

Our council makes a placemat which is a photocopy of a collage of pictures taken of Student Council activities during the year and, as the advisor, I do a satirical review of some of the comical moments of the year. At the same time, this year-end review serves as a preview-of-coming-attractions for those being inducted into Student Council.

Instead of calling in a guest speaker (we have someone speak on leadership at our school-wide leadership banquet), each of our elected officers speaks on our school theme for the year. This keeps the banquet "within the family". We also choose to do a covered-dish banquet and invite the officers' parents to serve as hosts.

Each of the incoming Executive Board members, class officers, and class representatives are installed. At the same time that they take the oath of office they are given a token of their office. For example, officers are given little hand mirrors which have "Student Council" and the year painted on with a paint pen. Then part of their induction is a reference to the fact that if they want to make a difference in the next year they must start with the "man in the mirror". Freshmen are given a 6" link of chain and told that "a chain is a strong as its weakest link" and that, as the most inexperienced people on Student Council, they want to do their best. Other symbols we've used are roses, small bottles of glue, small bottles of glitter, oil cans, trowels, wooden mixing spoons, and skeleton keys, all tied with curly ribbon in our school colors. I'll let you brainstorm what each of those symbolizes. Many of our seniors have kept all of their symbols from each year.

Our incoming vice-president is in charge of decorating with the in-coming freshmen making up the decorating committee.

Attached you will find a list of the awards we give out, a copy of the invitation which is done on parchment paper, and a copy of our program.


Purpose: To encourage and honor leadership and build group solidarity.

Description: At the end of the school year, a banquet is held for honoring the
past year's Student Council members and inducting the upcoming
year's representatives and officers.


_____1. Get principal's permission.
_____2. Appoint a committee and brainstorm for ideas.
_____3. Set date, place, and time.
_____4. Prepare, print, and distribute invitations to council members.
_____5. Invite principal and other guests.
_____6. Take bids from restaurants. [Our council has a covered-dish supper and each non-senior council member brings something.]
_____7. Notify underclassmen about decorating under the direction of the vice-president.
_____8. Print certificates.
_____9. Determine awards and order plaques.
_____10. Order decorating supplies, candles, candle-holders.
_____11. Get key-note speaker. [Our council has each Executive Board member speak 2-3 minutes on an aspect of leadership.]
_____12. Assign parts on program, produce and print programs.
_____13. Make placemat out of collage of pictures of council activities.
_____14. Purchase gifts/remembrances for seniors and out-going officers.
_____15. Get symbols of office for induction of new officers and reps.
_____16. Get lectern and keys.
_____17. Contact officers' parents to serve as hosts and hostesses.
_____18. Fix seating chart of classes and placecards for head table.
_____19. Order centerpiece.
_____20. Remind students to bring Secret Pal revelation gift.
_____21. Prepare slide show of Student Council activities, get slide projector, screen, and extension cords.
_____22. Write appropriate thank-yous.
_____23. Take pictures for school/community newspaper.
_____24. Assign participation points and/or demerits.
_____25. Complete evaluation of project.


Most outstanding Freshman _________________________

Most outstanding Sophomore _________________________

Most outstanding Junior _________________________

Most Outstanding Senior _________________________

Most Outstanding Chairperson _________________________

Most Outstanding Exec Officer _________________________

Golden Torch Award _________________________

Member of the Year _________________________


Citizenship _________________________

Community Service _________________________

Faculty Relations _________________________

Honors & Recognition _________________________

School Spirit _________________________

InterClub Council _________________________

Jacket Booster _________________________

Your Presence is Requested at the
Sixteenth Annual Student Council
Installation and
Awards Banquet

May 20th 7:00 p.m.
WCHS Lunchroom

For the Covered Dish Meal you are to bring a dish
(sufficient to feed 8-10 people) You must be present if you
are to be a member of Student Council next year